In Photos: Dillo Day 2017
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    You thought it wasn’t going to happen. But not too long after you braved the rain for some early darties, the storms cleared and it was time for Dillo Day 2017 (minus a sadly canceled Prez Harris & Friends performance). Maybe you were there for every set, maybe you went for your favorites like D.R.A.M. or MGMT, maybe you found a new favorite in Little Simz or Porches. Regardless, you can relive all the best moments of Dillo with photos from each mainstage set.


    Photos by Justin Curto and Mia Zanzucchi / North by Northwestern

    If you started your Dillo early, then Porches treated you to a set full of their ambient, chill synthpop songs. The band, a project by vocalist-guitarist Aaron Maine, released their critically acclaimed sophomore album, Pool, last year.


    Photos by Zoe Davis and Mia Zanzucchi / North by Northwestern

    D.R.A.M. may have mixed allegiances – after his Dillo Day performance, he booked it to UChicago for a show that night – but nearly everyone at the daytime headlining set likely left with an allegiance to D.R.A.M. Accompanied by Daf, his energetic DJ, alongside a live band, the Big Baby showed his talents by rapping, singing and hyping up the crowd. Aside from his hit-single “Broccoli,” D.R.A.M. also performed party songs like “Cha Cha” and his collaboration with Chicago’s own Chance the Rapper, “D.R.A.M. Sings Special.”

    Little Simz

    Photos by Leta Dickinson / North by Northwestern

    She’s been praised by former Dillo performer Kendrick Lamar, and Little Simz showed why during her Dillo Day set. In front of what she called one of the “livest” crowds she’s seen, the British rapper performed tracks off both her albums accompanied by her touring DJ, OTG.

    Onnij x Ouyang

    Photos by Leta Dickinson / North by Northwestern

    Weinberg senior Jin No and McCormick freshman Will Ouyang – who perform together as Onnij & Ouyang – broke out of the bars and parties they’re used to playing to DJ for their friends at Dillo Day. After winning Battle of the DJs a few weeks ago, the duo won a mainstage set opening for another electronic musician, Gramatik.


    Photos by Virginia Nowakowski / North by Northwestern

    He’s known for more chill music, but electronic producer Gramatik still brought the energy to get the crowd through its Dillo Day slump to make it to the nighttime headliner. Gramatik released the album Epigram in 2016, and you can hear even more of his music when he’s back in Chicago this summer to perform at Lollapalooza.


    Photos by Justin Curto and Mia Zanzucchi / North by Northwestern

    You could say MGMT is No. 1 – the No. 1-requested artist for this Dillo, the first band for a nighttime headliner since who knows when, the top artist on this year’s lineup. At MGMT’s live set, you saw why, as the duo (who plays live as a five-piece) performed lively renditions of their hits, debuted exciting new music and even covered “Goodbye Horses” from Silence of the Lambs. Playing their first shows since 2013, the duo is slated to release new music later this year.


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