I wasn’t alright. I’m not alright.


Photo by unknown on Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under Creative Commons. PD-US
"...and I know I’ll get better if I don’t think about it anymore"
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pumpkin pie
"It is dead leaves in the season of my sister’s name, the smell of bitter coffee and thrift stores."
love spreads too thin
I can point to when I fell in love with you on a map of Manhattan.
Graphic by Rachel Hawley
1, 3, 5, 7 ...
"You never understood the sanctity of personal space before. But the “bubble” of personal space that seems to be a universal joke means something now."
rachel hawley
boys, men.
"boys are taught from the start that their dirty hands are badges of honor"
Graphic by Savannah Christensen
Ashes, ashes
"We’d yell and laugh / Ignorant of the fact / That the nursery rhyme was about a plague"
soon to be found
"My inability to be sure in my future was never a fault – it was an asset, composed of curiosity and flexibility."
Photo by Brennen Bariso
your love
"your love like a license plate like letters and numbers i've memorized..."
paradox of endless dimensions
I took this impossible contradiction, this combination of hot and cold, of water and fire, as luck, as freedom, as everything I had ever needed.
Photo on Pexels. Licensed under Creative Commons.
Memorial Day memories
"It would be rude to the memories I’ve become so acquainted with to pick just one."
Rachel Hawley / North by Northwestern
love is blind
"I’ve never been one for “chemistry” or “sparks,” but in this moment, skin to skin, eye to eye, it felt as if the whole restaurant had disappeared, and it was just us two, floating in limbo, held together by infinite volts of electricity."
not your normal buzzfeed article
If you want to know more about your personality, or just about Starbucks coffee.
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good riddance
"Farewell, friend. This is the last you’ll hear of me, because I’m better off without you."
Image by Tumisu on Pixabay, licensed under Creative Commons
This story is inspired by “Say Something” by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera.
We all say things we don't mean

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