Mia Zanzucchi
The 2016-17 basketball season is underway. NBN has all you need to know right here.


some lax reading
NBN Sports has you covered with every angle of the year so far and what’s to come.
Mia Zanzucchi
in her back pocket
"We’re getting better every game, every practice. The defense has been playing really well, the offense is starting to mesh."
checking in
Northwestern has done a phenomenal job so far integrating their first-years and finding their offensive rhythm.
Morgan Lee
our crystal ball
Northwestern womens lacrosse will continue to have their eyes fixed on a goal that has eluded them since 2012: a national championship.
Morgan Lee
“She’s an explosive athlete.”
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worse than 5.5 classes
Like last year, the ‘Cats play one of the toughest schedules in the country: The Big Ten schedule alone includes No. 4 Maryland, No. 15 Penn State and No. 19 Johns Hopkins.
Photo by Mia Zanzucchi / North by Northwestern
That's a wrap
Northwestern ended the year in all-too-familiar fashion: by giving up 13 unanswered points with five minutes left.
Photo by Andy Brown / North by Northwestern
I'm out of sports puns
We know Northwestern students are busy, so NBN Sports has compiled our list of must-watch games, maximizing your entertainment and giving you a taste of each team.
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B1G Pains
The team finished ninth out of 10 teams in overall points, their second straight ninth-place result.
Morgan Lee
Love, but not the good kind
Northwestern Men’s Tennis (4-8) is entering a two-week hiatus prior to conference play on a low note, reeling after two consecutive 3-4 losses to Vanderbilt (9-2) and Harvard (12-2) during its third weekend double-header in a row
Mia Zanzucchi
Tears were had
“'If we’re gonna go out, we’re gonna go out swinging.'”
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Reclaiming Black History Month
"This February bore witness to an astonishing level of ignorant political discourse concerning African Americans, especially with regards to sports."
playing by faith
"When basketball was taken away, I was just a Muslim. ... Basketball was my test of faith."
Photo by Selah Holland / North by Northwestern
where do we go from here?
What can Chris Collins and company learn from this year to avoid a repeat of this season and get the fan base excited again about Northwestern basketball?
Morgan Lee
Not a bad loss.
In their first down-to-the-wire contest of the season, the Wildcats were unable to pull through.

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