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"Leave it to scientists to turn a ton of craziness into a positive display of logic and camaraderie."

Science and Tech

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Carbon conscious
SustainNU has developed a comprehensive plan to lower the university’s carbon emissions and become a more environmentally-friendly campus.
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Everybody eats
Nathan’s annual hot dog eating competition is a Fourth of July staple, and Todoroki, a restaurant in downtown Evanston, will be hosting a sushi-eating contest on Sunday, November 11.
Rachel Hawley
Noticed anything different about the dining halls this year? More of them might be on their way.
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I turned to science to try to understand why on earth some people find pleasure in watching horror films.
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Mischief managed
As I write this article in my vampire costume in Deering, the most haunted of the libraries on campus, I bring you some creepy facts in honor of spooky season.
William Paik
Talk nerdy to me
Weinberg junior William Paik traveled to University of California, Berkeley over the summer to study activism on the campus, while RTVF sophomore Maddie Hong resesarched film phenomenology in Evanston.
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Is there a (future) doctor in the house?
“Med schools really need to see those hours. It’s kind of like having skin in the game.”
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We're all getting old
Scientists are discovering new ways to improve the quality of life as aging progresses.
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Food Fight
Many foods have elements that cause discomfort or even death in humans. It’s their last ditch effort at survival.
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one decade later
With the help of technology, progress in scientific fields has been made easier. So what does the future hold?
Sophia Lo
You make my heart race
Starting college is a huge adjustment, especially as a first-year student.
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Talk nerdy to me
Just as Northwestern professors research a variety of topics, student research continues to thrive on campus as well.
Whether mental, physical or sexual, maintaining good health while in college can be difficult. Click here to better navigate wellness ...
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Meat me halfway
This Impossible Burger utilizes 95 percent less land, consumes 74 percent less water and creates 87 percent less greenhouse gas emissions.
think before you click
Next time you are reading about the “next great breakthrough in science,” take the information with a grain of salt.