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"Leave it to scientists to turn a ton of craziness into a positive display of logic and camaraderie."

Science and Tech

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Don't buy an Android yet
Maybe your phone is dying super fast or every time you type “I” it’s replaced by a strange question mark character.
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keep it clean
The plan outlines actions to be taken for the next five years that will allow the university to reach its goal of net zero emissions by 2050.
it is rocket science
One launch away from the record books, and one giant leap for rocket science.
Time travel? Almost...
Real-life Lex Luthor Elon Musk hopes to open up his rockets for commercial use – not just off-world to set up colonies in Mars, but also to get from New York to Shanghai in nearly 29 minutes.
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the robot risk
The key to humanity’s success or failure might come in the form of artificial intelligence, or AI.
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don't break the bank
This technology access cheat sheet holds all the answers.
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celebrating science
Medicine, physics, chemistry – oh my!
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Spacing Out
Freedman spoke to a crowd of Northwestern students and local astronomy enthusiasts about her work on the Giant Magellan Telescope.
Can we live on Mars? Will our tears soon produce electricity? NBN explains in this week’s science news.
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HotPlate, the winning team, offers an app for restaurant-goers seeking reviews on individual dishes.
Image by Noah Haggerty on Pixabay. Licensed under Creative Commons.
rip 140 characters
Twitter is exploding and NASA is crashing, but it’s all good things?
responsible fashion
“If I could tell people one thing, [it would be to] think about what you’re buying and think about whether it’s necessary.”
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bath time
You take a look down at your hands and you see 10 wrinkly raisins of fingers staring back at you. What happened?
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What happens when you get biochemists and entrepreneurs to work together?
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don't click
Google Docs has fallen prey to yet another phishing scam.