As you eagerly await the results of the election, people all over the world will be doing the same.


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Spy Kids
In a departure from the hands-off approach of past presidents, President Donald Trump has explicitly tried to affect a Department of Justice probe into his campaign.
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The Lion's Den
Democratic governor nominee J.B. Pritzker spoke at the Celtic Knot Tuesday night.
Action in Africa
“It is important to take off blinders regarding misrule, misgovernance, corruption, and denial of democratic rights,” Joseph said. “[We must] Grapple with [democracy] frankly. It is important to challenge the university community to engage with many countries in Africa in which this global wave of authoritarianism is being resisted.”
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Mo' money mo' problems
Politics in Illinois should not come with a price tag attached, for the good of both voters and politicians.
Karli Goldenberg
You go girl
To discuss the recent rise in feminist literature more in-depth, Bookends & Beginnings owner Nina Barrett moderated a conversation with Northwestern psychology professor Renee Engeln and author Megan Stielstra.
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Iran, Israel and ISIS
West lauded the actions President Trump has taken so far in his presidency in many of the most pressing international issues facing the U.S.
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Not all of us have taken international relations – what does pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal actually mean?
"A complicated puzzle"
Former U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Ian Kelly and current Georgian Ambassador to the United States David Bakradze discussed Georgian-American relations regarding Russia at this year's Barry Farrell Lecture.
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who would you pick?
NBN Politics decided to brainstorm who each writer’s ~dream~ CTSS speaker would be.
Mila Jasper
#MeToo at NU
This Thursday, the Contemporary Thought Speaker Series brought three journalists to campus who have been at the forefront of the #MeToo discussion and women’s rights issues in general
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The BEST People
Struggling to keep up with the President's revolving door of legal representation? Don't worry – we put together a guide.
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Make love not war
Learn more about what the historic meeting between North and South Korean leaders that prioritized style over substance means for peace in the region.
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Remembering the Takeover
“Northwestern would not be the quality, comprehensive university that it is today if the Takeover had not taken place 50 years ago.”
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DNC and the Bursar
Democratic National Committee Vice Chair and 2004 Medill grad Michael Blake spoke on campus about the 50th anniversary of the Bursar Office takeover.
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The importance of intersectionality
Green, along with her partner and fellow ASU professor Robin Phillips discussed the journey toward marriage equality through the lens of Green’s parents and then their own relationship at a discussion Wednesday night.

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