Sophia Lo, Jan. 21, 2019
Photo by Ayesha Goswamy / North by Northwestern

Nothing can stop a Chicago winter: on the night of the lunar eclipse, Dearborn Observatory’s dome was frozen shut. Instead, graduate students and volunteers set up three small telescopes outside. Huddling in thick coats and clutching cups of hot chocolate, students, parents and children headed into the snow to see the eclipse.

When describing an eclipse, graduate student Candice Stauffer said, “To me, eclipses, lunar eclipses and solar eclipses, they’re pretty jarring. I always think back to a time when people didn’t know as much about science as they do today, like what would people have thought?”

But today, scientists have a much stronger understanding of astronomical events, so let’s break down the science of the lunar eclipse.

Lunar eclipses occur when the Earth passes between the moon and the sun. Compared to the Earth, the moon’s orbit is on the tilt, according to Josh Pritz, a Weinberg ...


Carlyn Kranking, Nov. 8, 2018
What's better than getting to pet a dog when you're stressed about midterms? Getting to pet four dogs when you're stressed about midterms! On Wednesday, ResilientNU brought dogs to Norris to promote wellness and ease student stress.


Carlyn Kranking, Nov. 3, 2018
Photos by Carlyn Kranking / North by Northwestern

After holding the event in the rain last year, Girl Up Northwestern enjoyed a clear day Saturday for its "Girls Run the World 5k" to raise money for the United Nations Foundation campaign Girl Up.

"As women at a university, we are very lucky to have access to higher education and to education generally," said Weinberg junior Julia Morgenstern, co-president of Girl Up Northwestern. "It's really important that we help girls where they don't have those privileges that we do."


Sumin Woo, Nov. 1, 2018

Whether they’re tricking or treating, Halloween always gives people an excuse to bring out their best costumes. With the holiday falling on a Wednesday this year, it wasn’t hard to find classes filled with students celebrating in creative outfits of their own, giving campus some fall flair.


Carlyn Kranking, Oct. 25, 2018
Photos by Carlyn Kranking / North by Northwestern
Thursday, upwards of 1,000 Evanston children, parents and chaperones came to Norris as student groups led activities and handed out candy in Northwestern Community Development Corps' annual Project Pumpkin. This event, which has run for over 20 years, brings Northwestern students and Evanston children together in costume to celebrate Halloween.


Sumin Woo, Oct. 18, 2018

As part of Homecoming Weekend, Northwestern President Morton Schapiro moderated a panel discussion Oct. 12 with the 2018 Northwestern Alumni Medalists. This year’s recipients, who are tied to the University as undergraduate and graduate alumni and trustees, have emerged as leaders in academia, business and finance. All candidates for the honor must be nominated, and are selected for their commitment to impacting society in their careers, service to the community and support to the University.


Benjamin Bomier, May 24, 2018
Photos by Benjamin Bomier / North by Northwestern

“Everyone comes out of exile in their own way” is this year’s quote for Northwestern’s Jewish Theatre Ensemble, around which this season’s shows have been structured. Director Sophia Sinsheimer set out to explore this quote in a new way in The Clean House, JTE’s spring production that opens this weekend.

“We were interested in the idea of exile as self-inflicted, and coming out of exile as a process of learning how to be vulnerable with others,” says Sinsheimer, a Communications senior majoring in Theatre and Gender & Sexuality studies. “To me, The Clean House is about the power of human connection to help us realize that the things we find difficult in life—the tragedies, the bumps in the road—are all so livable and manageable when other people are there to help.”

The Clean House is a dark comedy that focuses on the power and importance of human connection ...


Karli Goldenberg, May 23, 2018

Photos by Karli Goldenberg / North by Northwestern

The crowd clapped and called out, “¡Otra!¡Otra!¡Otra!¡Otra!”, asking Mariachi Northwestern for an encore song following their sixth annual spring variety show. The normally quiet halls of the 2122 Performance Hall boomed with the sound of violins, guitarrón, vihuela, trumpet and voice. Papel picado and a banner that Mariachi Northwestern made decorated the space behind the performers.

“All of these arts combined together, que bonito es ver cómo el talento, y no sólo talento, pero talento mexicano, cuando podemos combinar la música y la danza,” Angelica Miranda, a member of Mariachi NU said during the performance. (It is so beautiful to see the talent, and not only talent, but Mexican talent, when we can combine music and dance).

During the variety show, Mariachi Northwestern joined with Mariachi Northwestern alumni and Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Northwestern: Ritmo de Mis Ancestros, a student group dedicated to the beauty ...


Morgan Lee, May 22, 2018

After possibly the longest winter ever (at least for freshmen from the South who had no idea what they were getting themselves into), the Canadian Geese have finally returned to closets across campus. As we begin Week Eight, I’m here to remind you that even when the end of classes feel like too much to bear, we have gorgeous flowers beginning to show their faces all over campus again. Here’s some of the beautiful spots on campus when you need a break in the next few weeks.


Niko Boskovic, May 7, 2018

During a dress rehearsal for this year's Waa-Mu show, currently running at Cahn Auditorium this weekend, actors took the stage as soon as the orchestra tuned their instruments. Colorful costumes of 19th-century New York City brightened up the stage, as the cast twirled, flipped and jumped their way through the rehearsal. Bright lights gave only a glimpse of a spectacle taking place in Cahn auditorium through May 13. Buy tickets through the Wirtz Center box office.


Cheddar Arias, May 6, 2018

Tango, salsa and swing!

BLAST – or Northwestern University's Ballroom Latin and Swing Team – took the stage Friday with Kaleidoscope, a themed performance of these three dances. Featuring over 20 first-year dancers, it was the group's biggest show to date.

The show's main focus? Color. Whether from The Wizard of Oz or a bag of skittles, show director Sydney Marcus said rainbows have left their marks on the lives of the dancers – and that something as simple as a pop of color can turn anyone's day around.

"We chose Kaleidoscope as the name because it's not just about the rainbow," Marcus said. "It's about seeing each other, seeing someone’s colors, seeing someone emote through dance and the best way I saw to bring that to life was through color."


David Gleisner, April 29, 2018

Photos by David Gleisner / North by Northwestern

As flowers start to bloom and green emerges from the prolonged gray of winter, the theme of growth was in the air as green-thumbed students and community members gathered this Arbor Day. SustainNU hosted a tree planting event Friday to commemorate the holiday, celebrated every year on the last Friday of April. Staff from facilities management helped lead students and community members as they worked to plant trees in places where construction had taken some out. The first session planted eight trees next to the bike lane in front of Lunt Hall, and the second planted five in the grove between Main Library and Cresap Hall.


Morgan Lee, April 23, 2018

Last Friday, NU Nights sponsored the Northwestern figure skating spring show by providing free tickets and transportation to students. The show took place at the Robert Crown Ice Center, and featured the Purple Line synchronized skating team as well as skaters from the community. After the show, students who had come with NU Nights were able to participate in a free skate at the center.


Alexis Lanza, April 19, 2018

This weekend, Northwestern hosted admitted students in the midst of deciding on a university by the May 1 commitment deadline. I went around campus and asked these prospies why they are considering Northwestern in their college search.

Joanne Phan, 18

“The main reason at first was the prestige. I’ve swam here since I was like 8 years old. I’ve had many competitions here so I’ve always been familiar with the campus and it’s beautiful. I guess that’s where my interest started. Then my parents were like, ‘Oh my god, it’s beautiful, it’s close to home, it’s perfect.’ So, here I am.”

Omari Benjamin, 18

“[It’s] really for the opportunities, I could tell that the people here cared not just about academics but also about applying academics or just generally following their passions. And being by the water was important to me.”

Brett Fafata, 20

“I was interested in Northwestern because of ...


Cheddar Arias, April 12, 2018
Photos by Cheddar Arias / North by Northwestern

“We come to Tech and we just run it like nobody’s business until it’s perfect,” said Connor O’Doherty, Fusion’s Artistic Director.

Fusion Dance Company, Northwestern University’s premier hip-hop dance company, has been practicing for their annual spring showcase since the start of Winter Quarter. The performance features pieces ranging from contemporary to breakdancing.

When asked to describe the preparations, Grant Hou, a senior in the company said, “It’s always a fun but hard experience. We have rehearsal six hours a day, everyday.”

They’ve titled this year’s show Fusion Photobook as it looks into Fusion’s favorite moments growing up, as well as some memories that resonate with many college students.

Dancer Hillary Tumbali believes that the hard work is worth it. “We have fun putting on a show and people have time watching it.”