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"Even for people who do not have eating disorders, knowing the calorie content of food is not necessarily helpful."


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there's still time
"If the classes you are taking are making you miserable, it’s OK to try something different."
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Pride in history
Straight people must understand that a gay bar is there to be that oasis, that retreat, and that place of solidarity for those who identify as LGBTQ+.
ask questions
"SAE getting caught doesn’t mean any of the other frats are less problematic and systemically fraught with toxic sexism and dated views of sexual assault and consent."
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good vs. evil?
"I had to ask myself: Why go to bat for Shedd? This institution doesn’t pay my bills or feed my children."
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Coming out in the public eye
When someone like Spacey lives a public life in the closet, it sends a message to people working through their own sexualities, much like me during high school.
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racism is bad
Halloween is never an excuse to dress up in culturally suggestive outfits and parade around, because Halloween costumes are parody by nature.
elite, not elitist
By bragging purely about statistical data, we forget that the true meaning of education goes beyond college rankings.
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lack of trust
"Even if abolishing nuclear weapons was possible, it would be a bad idea because it ignores how peace is actually maintained in the nuclear age."
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It’s a collective expression; it’s a burden we all share.
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Make a state-ment
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the former CEO of Exxon Mobil Corp., has been irrelevant to the point of ineffectiveness.
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puerto rico
"Let the voices of those hurting in Puerto Rico be heard as much as the ones in Florida and Texas."
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taking a knee
"The university should continue to support those condemning racism and police brutality until change is made."
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Books are expensive
Books and online materials are important to our education, the problem is, not everyone can afford them.
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Money Money Money
We have the power to tell the Pritzkers, Rauners, Trumps, and Zuckerbergs of the world that neither they, nor their fortunes, should represent us in government.
Campus Casting
"For Asian American women in theatre, Marcy Park represents an opportunity to play a fully rounded part that reflects our experiences"

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Fresh Frosh
"A seven letter German and a nine letter Norwegian were forcefully joined on a 4 ½ X 10 legal birth certificate by a tiny, yet crucial dash."